Development and reliability

The experience gained over the years is combined with a constant technical update in order to create a product that embodies the tradition of craftsmanship and the typical Tuscan genius, joined the high electronics and information technology.


Behind each automatic Giuseppe Desirò machine exists the work of an entire company that, starting from the design phase, implemented through the use of the most modern CAD technology, transforms the idea in the drawing, the following in the realization and development with a particular attention paid to details, the continuous efforts to offer customized responses to different needs.


A study and a concrete work that meets the demands of a constantly evolving market shaping high precision and reliability machines.

Customization and care used in the design and construction of machinery Giuseppe Desirò guarantee the high reliability of the final product.


Speed and safety, thanks to an accurate computer control that follows each sequence of work of the machine allow to realize a high-level production with rapidity and warranty.