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Giuseppe Desirò Srl has a consolidated experience in the design and construction of automatic machines for Pilfer-Proof type aluminum capsules and similar caps, and machines used to assemble plastic components for complex closures used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household products industries.

Our machines are fully automatic with total control of the assembly process.

Furthermore, Giuseppe Desirò Srl can design and construct new solutions and special machines, to meet specific customer requests.


Some of our most significant machine productions include machines to assemble stick deodorants, capsules with tabs, child-proof caps, vaginal cannulas, banding machines for teaspoons, inhalers, dispensers, liquid soap dispensers, pharmaceutical capsules, and other types of caps and closures.

Consulting and design

We know that each customer has precise needs and, as innovators in the design of automatic assembly machines for the packaging sector, Giuseppe Desirò Srl collaborates with the customer to come to a full and detailed understanding of the specific needs, before offering a turnkey solution, suited to the customer's unique production requirements.

In-house, high precision production

Our production line is fully computerized, from design and construction, to the management and control of every single construction process.

The most unique and important parts of GD machines are made in-house, and each is marked with an identification code, to make it easy for customers to request spare parts.


About 20% of GD machine components, related to accessory parts (such as the frames and standard parts), is outsourced to highly reliable and extremely skilled external suppliers.

General terms of sale



The general terms of sale, save for any exceptions or changes accepted in writing, apply to the supply of equipment produced and/or sold by Giuseppe Desirò S.r.l. Any other, different contract terms that are presented, annexed to an order, subsequently referred to, added or modified by the Customer will not be valid unless expressly and specifically accepted in writing by Giuseppe Desirò S.r.l.

Download the PDF document containing our general terms of sale. (2022)
General conditions of sale - Giuseppe De
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Team Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Over the years, our team has achieved important milestones in terms of quality and commitment to innovation, with a strong mission to internationalize the production of Giuseppe Desirò Srl Automatic Machines.


The GD teams cooperates harmoniously to accurately assess design and construction requirements, and is committed on a daily basis to developing solutions and skillfully managing every aspect of your project.


Massimiliano Cesarini


Stefano Desirò

Sales Director / Engineering and Design Director

Riccardo Desirò

Administration and Human Resources Director

Manuela Desirò


Design: Cosimo Zampi, Sergio Borgarelli, Tommaso Pieri

Assembly and Adjustments: Lucio Messeri, Riccardo Failli, Matteo Cappelli


PLC Programmer and Electrical Services Manager: Luca Tattini

Electricians: Poma Ticllas Abel Asencio, Ranawaka Tirushka Nadun


Precision Mechanics Workshop: Franco Burrini, Leonardo Pestelli, Aziz Lablaida, Alessandro Bartolini, Goicochea Ricopa Luciano Job


Administration Service Manager: Sara Secchi

Secretary's office / linguistic consultant: Caterina Dogi

Purchasing Department / Warehouse and Logistics: Guido Desirò

Warehouse: Andrea Pratelli


Communication & Content Creator: Alberto Desirò


Customer Support manager: Lucio Messeri, Ricardo Falli

PLC programming technical assistance: Luca Tattini