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We work daily to improve all our machines

Giuseppe Desiro' Srl builds its relationships the same way it designs and builds machines, with attention to details and innovation, and by carefully listening to its customers so as to better understand their needs. Our promise of customer satisfaction goes beyond that of any other sector. We are a team of professionals, with over 30 years of work experience, and thanks to the installation of about 800 systems currently operating the world over, some of which have been in production for many years, we are perfectly able to satisfy your every and any production need. One of our most important goals is to always be available for our customers, because this is the right way to grow trust in our work.

Join us to find out how to improve and increase your business profits, with the best machines for caps and closures available on the global market. We will do our utmost to make sure you achieve maximum productivity, operational peace of mind and, as a result, profitability, through the purchase of a GD assembly machine.

Analysis and Consultancy

Our team, made up of specialists in the closures sector, has the know-how you need for every single one of your projects. Consultancy, analysis and design, using cutting-edge engineering, that will allow you to create and launch new production projects, through custom machines and systems.

Technical support

The GD technical support team is always at your service to assist you, seven days a week.

The vast knowledge, expertise and experience of our sales and technical staff allow us to provide the assistance needed for any help you may require for every machine we produce.

Know-how and courtesy is our approach to any technical problem that needs solving.

We can provide efficient support through our mechanical, electrical and programming specialists, even in remote.

Spare parts

Giuseppe Desirò Srl guarantees the long-term, ongoing efficiency of machines produced and delivered to its customers, and can provide all the spare parts that may be required to ensure correct machine performance over time.


Do you want to renew or reuse the performance of your GD machine?

Our highly skilled engineers and technicians will work side by side with you to find the best possible solution.

We work daily to improve all our machines. All the technological innovations and progress that our work leads to may often be integrated into and installed in machines that have already been on the field for years. It is possible to renew your older equipment with full mechanical, functional and electrical upgrades, including computer-based touch-screen reporting of machine operation.

Consult our GD technicians for a full overview of possible upgrades and for a demonstration of the concrete advantages.

Format changes / revision and resetting of GD machines

We can carry out a detailed feasibility study to implement format changes in a GD machine or to convert the machine to another type of closure.

Diagnosis and scheduled maintenance

Giuseppe Desirò Srl shares its know-how and expertise by adopting a partnership approach right from day one, with all its customers.

It has been amply shown that ordinary maintenance of GD machines considerably reduces unplanned downtime.

GD has developed a customized analysis and maintenance program for each type of automatic assembly machine.

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