> 12/2022 -  best wishes for a happy new year!

Gentilissim*, clienti, fornitori e amici,

Vi auguriamo un felice Nuovo Anno di pace e prosperità.

Saremo chiusi il giorno 2 gennaio 2023.

Un caro saluto dal Team Giuseppe Desirò Srl.


Dear customer, suppliers and friends,

We wish you a happy New Year of peace and prosperity.

We will be closed on January 2, 2023.

A warm greeting from the Giuseppe Desirò Srl Team.

> 12/2022 -  Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Gentilissim*, clienti, fornitori e amici,

Vi auguriamo un felice Natale e un Nuovo Anno di pace e prosperità.


Un caro saluto dal Team Giuseppe Desirò Srl.



Dear customer, suppliers and friends,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year of peace and prosperity.


A warm greeting from the Giuseppe Desirò Srl Team.

La GD21XY3L è una macchina rotativa per l'accoppiamento a caldo di capsule in alluminio con dischetti in plastica tipo Flip-Off diametro 13/20/28/32 mm. per produzione fino a 600 pz/min. e l'inserimento di un dischetto in gomma pre-tranciato.


The GD21XY3L is a rotary machine for the hot coupling of aluminum caps with Flip-Off type plastic disks with a diameter of 13/20/28/32 mm. for production up to 600 pcs/min. and the insertion of a pre-cut rubber disk.

Macchina automatica GD21WY per l'assemblaggio di chiusure farmaceutiche a due componenti.

La macchina automatica GD 21/WY è una saldatrice continua rotativa a 32 teste per l'accoppiamento a caldo di capsule in alluminio con dischetti in plastica tipo Flip-Off dal diametro 13/20/28/32 mm.

Produzione fino a 1000 pz/min.


Automatic welding machine type GD21W for assembling pharmaceutical clusures with two components.

The GD 21/WY is a 32-head continuous rotary welding machine for the shrink-fit of aluminum caps with Flip-Off type plastic discs with a diameter of 13/20/28/32 mm.

Production up to 1000 pcs/min.

> 09/2022 - INTERPACK | FIERA DI DÜSSELDORF | 4 > 10 MAGGIO 2023

interpack 2023 Stand Desirò Giuseppe SRL.

Interpack is the leading international trade fair in Europe for the packing machinery sector and the processing machinery sector for goods to be packaged, as well as for other services connected to the packaging sector.

For more information on our presence at the fair:

L'interpack rappresenta la fiera di riferimento internazionale in Europa per il settore delle macchine per il packaging e la lavorazione di beni da imballare e per molti altri servizi per il settore del packaging, Giuseppe Desirò Srl. sarà presente alla prossima edizione del 2023.

Per maggiori informazioni sulla fiera:

> 08/2022 - Summer break / Pausa estiva / Giuseppe Desirò Srl. / from 6 to 28 August

Gentilissimi/e amici e amiche, clienti e fornitori,
vi auguriamo per le prossime vacanze di avere ogni giorno il tempo per fare ciò che più vi piace :)

La nostra pausa estiva sarà dal 6 al 28 agosto.
Un caro saluto dal Team Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Dear friends and clients,
we wish you every day to have the time to do what you like most for your next holidays :)

Our summer break will be from 6 to 28 August.
Greetings from the Giuseppe Desirò Srl Team.

> 05/2022 - IPACK IMA 2022 - FIERAMILANO / RHOPavilion 2 / Stand B135

Thanks to a strategic partnership between UCIMA and FIERA MILANO, and a vast international network of agents, IPACK-IMA will stage a cutting-edge technological event in Milan, attracting visitors from the world over.

Grazie ad una partnership strategica tra UCIMA e FIERA MILANO e ad una fitta rete internazionale di agenti, IPACK-IMA metterà in scena a Milano una proposta tecnologica all'avanguardia, attirando visitatori da tutto il mondo.

Per maggiori informazioni sulla fiera:

> 01/2022 - GD64 VL6 Machine for checking the tightness and shape of plastic containers.

The GD64 VL6 is a machine for checking the tightness of plastic bottles, the defective containers are discarded and then recycled for a new melting through the molding machine.


The machine also checks the quality of the bottle shape with an optical vision system. The vision system highlights bottle mold defects by automatically eliminating defective containers.


The GD12 is a disk inserter that inserts rubber disks, cut in pairs from tapes, into caps. Cutting system with mechanical forwards feed of the tape, at an adjustable pitch. Production output up to 200 pcs/min.


A wide range of optional devices available for quality control on the assembled components, such as vision systems, color control photocells, disk orientation systems based on color, deionization systems, etc.


GD33/RV is a new generation, automatic machine for the assembly of two components for screw on mechanisms, for plastic closures to be used for cooking oil containers.

The assembly machine includes two supply lines for the cap and for the spout, composed of an elevator with a 500 liter capacity and a centrifugal dispenser to orient the component to be assembled. The machine manages 6 assembly stations driven by stepper motors. The outfeed satellite plate for the caps to be assembled includes a quality control device to reject defective pieces. The outfeed belt is equipped with a terminal, dual channel diverter for continuous-cycle packing of up to four boxes.

Production output 8,000 pieces per hour.


The GD5/F3 is an intermittent machine that processes three caps at a time, folding the TE ring of the cap. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with three visions systems for a detailed inspection of the molding of the closure and the integrity of the connection points of the safety rings.


Introducing the GD 92/C closing machine - 80 pcs/minute.

The GD92C machine is an automatic assembly machine for the inspection and closing of an oval cap, that processes 2 components at a time.


The machine is in the final stages of design and testing for production quality.


It is with satisfaction that we announce the approval from the UCIMA Board of Directors of our application for membership, thus officially becoming their members.

UCIMA (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers' Association) is the national trade association that represents and supports the Italian packing and packaging machinery manufacturers. It has more than 100 member companies from all over the country, including the industry leaders.

UCIMA member companies cover the entire range of packaging machinery production, from the food, confectionery and tobacco industries through to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, cosmetics and end-of-line technologies.

UCIMA is a member of the Italian Employers' Federation Confindustria, making it an integral part of Italian industry's representation system. It is also a member of the Italian Packaging Institute, COPAMA (World Confederation of Packaging Machine Associations) and EUROPAMA (European Confederation of Packaging Machine Associations).

It maintains links with a variety of institutions and plays a major role in fostering the growth of the sector as a whole. Being part of a national and international network helps the association pursue initiatives and develop strategies for the sector.

UCIMA offers support to its member companies by providing professional services and information, consulting and assistance on all the major issues concerning the sector.

Official website:

> 09/2015 - Giuseppe Desirò SRL | Assembling perfection | MANUFACTURING TODAY

With pleasure we share a recent article devoted to the activity of design and production of assembly machines for caps capsules of Giuseppe Desirò SRL, published on "Manufacturing Today"

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that our company graduated the Certification in Rating 1.

Rating 1 is a distinguishing mark , given exclusively to companies which keep a constant high economic-financial reliability and payment in time.

Cribis D&B Rating is a concise index assigned and controlled daily on the strict analysis of more than 1500 parameters of which: 

payments, analysis in-depth of the last 5 years of balance sheet, negative information, company age, sector’s factor and trend, etc.

Rating 1 is the reliability at maximum level reachable.

All companies in Rating 1 are qualified and trusted for every partners: banks, investment and factoring company, insurance, suppliers, clients.


Today only 5,96% of Italian companies has the same Rating.