Giuseppe Desirò Srl designs and manufactures automatic machines to assemble Pilfer-Proof aluminum capsules and similar caps, and plastic components for complex closures used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household products industries.

Giuseppe Desirò machines are fully managed by PLC and are equipped with a user-friendly man-machine interface that guides operators during machine use, and assists in troubleshooting any difficulties during production. Every stage of the machine's work cycle is constantly monitored by a control function.

The final product output control includes a series of options, including a last generation inspection and vision systems, in addition to a rejects management system and an automatic statistical sampling system.

The finished product is handled with automatic filling of multiple containers, with options that include both multiple outputs and box handling using conveyor carousels or belts.

Working in close collaboration with its customers, Giuseppe Desirò Srl creates custom machines that fully satisfy customer requirements.

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Lining machine

Automatic Lining Machines - Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Insertion of a sealing disk into the cap.

The disks may be pre-cut or may require being cut out from a tape. A wide range of solutions and devices, based on the characteristics of the disk (round, stacked in tubes, with tabs) and of the material to be processed. 

Slitting Folding Lining machine

Automatic Slitting Folding Lining machinesGiuseppe Desirò Srl.

Machine to carve the safety tab in the cap, with a continuous or intermittent cut, in addition to folding the tab. The machine may be completed with a unit to insert the lining disk, in either the pre-cut version or in the version with disk cutting included.

Assembly machine

Automatic assembly machines Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Intermittent assembly machine to couple up to 5-piece cap. The machine may be equipped with multiple heads that work simultaneously, in order to increase production output.

High speed assembly machine

automatic high spees assembly machines Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

High speed assembly machine with rotary carousels ranging from 200 to over 1000 ppm, for up to 3 components, to assemble simple snap-on caps, and up to 400 ppm to assemble screw-on caps.

Closing machine

automatic closing machines Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Machines to close single-piece capsules, both intermittent and rotary, with output capacities up to 400 pieces per minute.

Customize machine

Customize automatic machines Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Machines designed an constructed based on customer technical and construction specifications.


Peripherals for feeding components of the capsules to be assembled - Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Giuseppe Desirò Srl. provides many turnkey machine solutions, designing and manufacturing all the peripherals necessary for the perfect functioning of the assembly systems. The integration of auxiliary peripherals into the production systems of the GD automatic machines guarantees minimum downtime and excellent operation of the complete assembly process.


Quality control vision systems for assembled capsules - Giuseppe Desirò Srl.

Every vision and inspection system built into into Giuseppe Desirò Srl Automatic Machines is designed to guaranty that production defects never reach your customers. Giuseppe Desirò Srl mounts only the best quality control vision systems available.

Our partners specialized in vision systems study and develop advanced inspection algorithms to identify size and quality defects, with the aim of reducing the presence of product rejects and defects to zero.


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