Our machines

Desirò Giuseppe SRL is committed to introducing more and more innovations to its already proven range of products, always tailored to the needs of customers in the closure sector.

The plants have undergone constant and constant evolution over time, and every assembly or handling of components is always followed by a control operation. PLC-run Desirò machines are equipped with a simple-to-use man-machine interface that guides the operator during normal use and helps troubleshoot any problems. The signals of each sensor are counted and stored in a production database to which the operator or a remote PC can access. Through the keyboard display, you can also control and change machine control parameters with multiple levels of password for accurate system productivity management.

The final product output control includes a variety of options, including a visual system, still with automatic waste management and statistical sampling.


The finished product is handled for automatic filling of multiple containers with options that include both multiple outputs and the handling of boxes with rides or ribbons.


Working in close collaboration with its customers, Giuseppe Desirò SRL realizes customizations that fully meet the requirements.


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