All Giuseppe Desirò Srl machines can be equipped with special vision systems, to check the quality of the components before and after assembly.

Each vision and inspection system integrated into Giuseppe Desirò Srl Automatic Machines is designed to ensure that production defects never reach your customers. Giuseppe Desirò Srl. Uses the best visual quality control systems.

Our vision systems specialist partners analyze and develop advanced inspection algorithms for the identification of dimensional and quality defects, with the aim of eliminating the presence of waste or defects in products.

The inspection systems used by Giuseppe Desirò Srl guarantee the quality of caps, capsules and closures for food, pharmaceutical and household products containers.

Through artificial intelligence technology, the visual control systems are able to detect molding errors in the separation region and in the hinge, not possible with traditional techniques. The quality control systems of the assembled product offer cutting-edge vision techniques and ensure the best possible quality control.